Bank Street Surgery Glasgow

Test Results

Test Results


To obtain your test results, please call 0141 339 5513 and press option 2. This service is only available on Wednesdays and Fridays between 12:00 – 15:00. 

Please be aware that you can only request your own test results. Due to our commitment to patient privacy we cannot disclose test results to anyone else.

It is important that you follow up with the surgery to obtain your test results and scans. Please allow 1 week between your test and calling the surgery to obtain your results. In cases where test results will take longer, your GP will discuss this with you.

Normal results: In the majority of cases the receptionists will be able to confirm normal results over the phone.

Abnormal results: The GP reviews all test results and will contact you if there is anything that needs to be discussed urgently. If a result is abnormal but does not need to be discussed urgently, then you may be contacted by letter, text or telephone by our reception staff. If you would like to discuss the results with the doctor then please request a telephone appointment with the same GP who arranged your test.

If the test was arranged by your hospital consultant

If your test has been carried out at a Clinic or Hospital, then please call them directly for your result. We cannot action or provide more information for tests which have been requested outside of the Practice. 

If the consultant’s secretary or colleague inform you that they will send the results to your GP, explain that you want the results from the specialist who arranged them for appropriate advice.